Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Portrait #5: Neighbourhood Beat Cop

A portrait a day really is a bit much, isn't it? But I'm not quitting!! This exercise has been great for me in reminding me to really take in the social interactions around me instead of just withdrawing into my own private world.

It was about midnight on Saturday night, and some friends and I were waiting outside a neighbourhood Seven-Eleven store. There was a sign on the store window saying it was the "Neighborhood Community Police Center" or something to that effect. Sure enough, we saw three officers in uniform milling around inside the store.

Presently, two came out. Both had the look of men who hadn't kept up with their daily workouts for quite some time. One was tall and blonde, and the other short and black. The tall blond was chatting with a thirty-something bleached-blonde woman, and their conversation went something like this:

The woman says to the cop, "I'm so glad you're doing this service, and not one of those cops who just wants his donuts."

The cop asks, "Do I seem like the kind of cop who is just out for donuts?"

"You like you've never missed a donut in your life!"

He laughs. "You're lucky you're such a good friend. Otherwise..."

They embrace and both are laughing. Then she says, "It's a good thing I'm not drunk tonight, huh?"

The other cop joins in the laughing and chatting. A moment later, they make way for two very obviously wasted girls who stumble by.

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