Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Portrait #36: Cave

Today we visited some caves in a nearby mountain village. They were quite nice, but by far the highlight of the visit was the reading welcome announcement posted in the entryway. Its author must be a fascinating person - somehow typical in expressing the poetic spirit and beautiful intentions that infuse this culture. Since the cave staff were kind enough to hand out sheets of paper with the content of the announcement, I here share with you the content of the English portion of the sign in its entirety...


Moses Cave is a hollowing out, dug with tug by Bludan's great men, along more than one hundred years.
The purpose of digging the cave was originally to dig out (Mazar Sand = Quartz sand) for building works. You can notice that most buildings in Bludan and Zabadani were built by this sand, including "Bludan Grand Hotel".
The cave was owned by "Mustafa" Family. It was lightened by Kerosene lanterns. There were more than 30 workers, produced daily about 100 m3 of sand, which were packed in saddles and carried away on animals' backs to building sites. After awhile, builders started to use breaker's sand for building instead of "Mazar" sand, which started to be not economic worthy any more, since the cost of digging was much higher than the benefits of the produced sand.
Mr. S M is now the owner of the cave. He is "Bludanian", and a relative of Mostafa Family at the same time. He thought of transforming this wonderful structure to a tourist site, so he authorized it and provided all necessary facilities such as roads, electricity, parking, internal and external corridors, gardens and also refresh the natural spring, which flows from the cave's end. In addition to a fruit industrial refrigerators.

I may hope ,by this cave, I have added a modest imprint, for the sake of our great country S, and the magnificent town Bludan, showing that this cave is a superior tourist site, which is headed for not only by residents, but also by foreign and Arab tourists. It's a unique model which reflects human efforts working together with nature, in order to make an artistic miracle.
I called it "Moses cave" as an appreciation and gratitude for my father "Moses" who was my ideal in patience and facing off difficulties to achieve all desired aim.
The cave was officially opened on 22/7/2006, This was during the tenure of the president B A-A.
Thank you for your kindness to visit the cave. All constructive notes are appreciated

Lastly, the achieved conceptions of creativity and fine taste applied on this monument is not more than 40% of my imagination for this site. and we will surprise you with ore and more.


[entire thing (except for abbreviated names): SIC]

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