Friday, July 4, 2008


I'm starting a new series on my blog, to complement the portraits I've been doing and loving. In a social-literary-theory type of a way, I see the portraits as not only moments to capture people I have encountered, but also as pieces with which to build a critical understanding of the culture and issues in the society where I am. In other words, I'm still doing social critique but in, well, hopefully a less "critical" way!

So now I'd like to add to that "scenarios", which will add a bit of critique to my portraits. Lately, I've been increasingly noticing that the people I'd like to portrait are mysteries to me. That I find myself making up stories about them to explain what I've encountered. Often it is the very question mark surrounding them that makes them portrait-worthy. See Portrait#29, for such an example. Even though in that case I managed to solve the mystery by the end of the day, it was the curiosity and the scenarios we made up to explain the girl that caught our attention.

Anyway, so I present you with Scenarios, a series of portraits where I get to combine my own social critique with an incomplete story and guess at what's going on. Like all experiments, this may be fun or it may not make any sense at all!

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