Saturday, August 30, 2008

A strange sense of relief

Something funny happened to me this week that I thought I'd share...

I lost my headphones. I'm pretty sure I left them behind on the flight I took from Sao Paulo to New York. I only realised they were missing partway through the flight from New York to Dubai.

And I was relieved. It took me a while to realise that that was how I felt, but it's true. It actually came to me as a huge relief that I'd lost my headphones!

You see, it seems like the first sign of stress in my life is that I lose something. Not too long ago, within the course of about two years I lost: a Palm Handheld (which really was more of a mini-computer), an Mp3 player, a mobile phone, a pair of eyeglasses and two pairs of headphones. And I've had a tendency to do other funny things to my eyeglasses, like break them and scratch them. My history with glasses is so bad that when I got my current pair of glasses, which are the cheapest pair I've ever owned but I just so happen to really like the design, I had an intense prayer session over them, asking God to keep them with me and in one piece. They're now almost a year old, which for me is a record.

The last thing I actually lost disappeared from my life more than a year ago, so it had been almost a year and a half. The past few months have been very busy and intense for me, and usually it's during those seasons that I lose something. So almost every day in these months, and increasingly over the course of the past few extremely stressful weeks, I have wondered what I would lose next. Because my history guaranteed to me that I would lose something. With the list above, it seemed the most likely next candidate would be my passport, or maybe my wallet. Those would not be easy things to replace at all! Or maybe my computer power cord would go missing, and my computer would taunt me... "Ha Ha You didn't lose me but you can't use me!" So I was beginning to panic that I was overdue for a serious loss.

Thus, while I felt like I should be irritated at myself for leaving my headphones behind, and while I felt like I should feel upset about having to lay out cash for a new pair of headphones, I was overall extremely joyful and relieved! I lost my headphones, one of the least pricey commodities that travel the world with me, on my way to, of all places, the Dubai airport, which is famous for its Duty-Free shop! I'm now listening to music on a new pair of headphones which cost me very little and have very good sound. I will miss the ones I lost, but I'm very relieved to have that loss behind me.

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Mom said...

Katie, this sounds so Presbyterian of you-- like the predestinationist preacher who, after slipping on a banana peel, tanked God that that inevitable calamity was over :). But I do rejoice with you that, over these past twelve-plus nomadic months, the only possession of yours to get irretrievably left behind was your headphone set. I wonder if there's someone now in Deir ez Zor wearing your purple glasses. Love you! Mom

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