Monday, December 8, 2008

Scenario #18: Gloss or Matte?

I'm talking about my fingernails, of course!

I was walking through a mall today and avoided being stopped by any hagglers of any sort, until I was just about on my way out. Then a lovely woman with black hair and white skin and gorgeous eyes pulled me aside and asked me if I do my nails 'natural.' When I said yes, she was excited and asked me for 'just five seconds of my time.'

Famous last words. It was not a good start. That and the fact that the miracle product she showed me (which actually did seem to work!) was only sold with a variety of other beauty products in a package that added up to a rather hefty price.

The miracle product was supposed to make my natural nails look much better. It was a three-sided nail buffer. The first side was like a file but for the surface of my nails. The second side was something that was supposed to bring out the natural oils from my nails, whatever that means. The third side was silk, she claimed.

As she finished the three-part buffer job, she said, "Are you ready to see the amazing change? Now, I warn you, don't scream so loud everyone in the mall comes running, ok? I'm going to take the buffer off and you're in for a shock!"


Well, I must admit I was impressed. My nail now totally glowed, and it had taken less than a minute!

But the thing is, I always get my photographs in matte, not glossy, so why should I want my nails in glossy?

She found a real connecting point with me when I told her I lived in the Middle East, as she's originally Israeli. So she tried to inspire me to buy by throwing in some Dead Sea soap as well. But the one thing she wouldn't do was sell just the buffer without the side products (oils and creams).

So I told her I'd look at my nails tonight and decide: Do I prefer matte or glossy? If I like glossy, is it worth buying all those other things, too?

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Katharine said...

I bought this once. You can find the same nail buffer in a drugstore for much, much cheaper.

It is pretty cool, I must admit. I can't help but wonder if it's doing some type of harm to your nails though. I should ask at a salon.

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