Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Babci and carrots

Apparently, my grandmother looooovvvvvvveeedd carrots. Or maybe she just loved the idea of carrots. Either way, I've learned that when my mum and aunt were growing up, Babci's love for carrots was an on-going joke.

By all accounts, little Zoshka (that's Babci's Polish name) had a happy childhood. She grew up on a farm in the countryside. The house had a farmhouse kitchen and a garden that she sometimes talked about. There were animals on the farm, and she apparently loved the horses in the way that only a farm girl can. She loved her father and mother, and she said that they never yelled at her, though they did have their rules. Apparently her father was a leader in the community, known as an honourable man. Zoshka had to do her part around the house - there were specific chores assigned to her. Babci loved to play, she loved to read, and she was apparently very good at mathematics.

And she absolutely loved carrots. In fact, she would sometimes sneak into the neighbour's garden to steal some - just like Peter Rabbit! Once, she got caught in the act and got in trouble with her parents. She told this story to my mother and my aunt, and they would tease her endlessly about her rumouredly insatiable love for carrots.

The details of the carrot story may have become one of those mini-blown-out-of-proportion legends in the family. For example, it's possible she stole carrots only once and got caught eating them. Or it may be that she did it all the time and didn't even necessarily bother to eat them - she was just trying to see how long it would take her before she got caught. Or perhaps she just grabbed one now and again on the fly, hoping no one would ever notice.

Either way, when she got caught, her parents made her go to the neighbour and apologise, and they most likely disciplined her in other ways too for her thiefdom. It seems that her own mother grew carrots in their family garden, so she really wasn't at a loss for carrots. But she loved the things! And apparently, as good and stubbornly kind and loving a woman as she became later in life, turns out she was a bit of a naughty girl...

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