Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Globalisation: what my cosmetic case has to say

The other night I was rummaging for my toothbrush and toothpaste and was caught by a message my cosmetic case was telling me. A few years ago, my parents gave it to me for Christmas in response to my comments that for as much as I traveled, my dozen plastic bags, one for each liquid product, were beginning to feel a bit unreasonable. This handy bag has simplified my life enormously! But what struck me the other day was the diversity of objects it contains. Check out this list:

- the case itself: from the UK
- toothbrush: Cyprus
- toothpaste: Jordan
- dental floss: can't remember
- facial creams: UK
- toner: UK
- cotton wipes: Cyprus and Jordan
- cotton q-tips: Brazil
- mud masque: Jordan
- hair clip: Egypt
- ibuprophen: Syria
- shampoo: Cyprus
- conditioner: US
- bath sponge: Brazil
- deodorant: Jordan
- facial powder: Lebanon
- other makeup: US
- mirror: Syria
- hand cream: US
- antibiotic cream: Jordan
- hair clips: all of the above

So here are my two resulting thoughts on globalisation:

First, What a privilege I have to get the best things from all the best places! The best hairclips I've found are Egyptian, Jordanian mud masque can't be beat, and the UK has Boots products! (If you're not familiar with Boots, don't look it up. You'll get spoiled too quickly.

Second, Most of the things I have could have been bought anywhere. As little as five years ago, I stocked up on the basics - shampoo, toothpaste, medicines - in the U.S. because everywhere else things were either in short supply or too expensive. Five years ago, my cosmetic case would have been much less diverse! But now, I can get the same products for comparable prices just about anywhere. So I don't travel with a full shampoo bottle anymore, I just buy a new bottle wherever I am. And it's usually the same brand and not too different in price. The diversity of origins in my cosmetic case are a blatant reflection that the world is becoming less diverse!

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Tierra M Wilson said...

This is such an interesting post. I'm afraid my new cosmetic case from Salon Hive isn't quite as interesting, but I've got lots of room to fill it up and it's made of heavy duty aluminum so I'm look forward to filling it up! You've definitely inspired me!


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