Tuesday, November 10, 2009

living versus observing

I'm an observer. Here in Dili, parties are the social event of choice. Some weekends there are several back-to-back, and other weekends people are bored so go out looking for any party they can find. It's a small city, so I see pretty much the same assortment of people at all the big parties.

I'm not a partier. The parties here are full of dancing, hooking up, drinking and staring. While the dancing, hooking up and drinking have never been my greatest passions in love, I do love the staring. At the parties here, I have often managed to find a perch from which I can sit and watch the different types of people - and there are quite a few to choose from - and different behaviour patterns. Everyone is usually so busy focusing on themselves, their own pleasure, and their goal of forgetting their fears of boredom on this Pacific Island, that I'm left to freely observe.

But in the last few social events I've attended, that hasn't been an option. Too many of my friends are there, or distant acquaintances have engaged me in conversation - or dancing. I've had to actually live a bit, and it's fun! But it's also very, very hard.

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