Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote discipline Day 11

Keep working your way through the maze. You'll know what it is when it happens, but you won't know until then. God grinds the axes he intends to use.

Keep working through the maze. Put one step after another, always moving forward unless changing directions become necessary - then the the turn that is obvious. But you don't know until you're there.

I love this! I have no comments to add because it speaks to me today - Yesterday I tweeted "am I too old to learn how to commit?" because I feel the "it" referred to in the quote is looming, but I don't know what "it" is, and I am a bit scared to take the wrong turn in the maze. But I forget that a wrong turn in a maze can always be fixed and eventually the right direction becomes clear. That is, I'm kind of pondering nothing as the turn to take will be obvious when it is meant to be taken.

Some of the comments I got to my tweet including the following tips:
- There is fear underlying hesitation
- It's about learning. And of course, learning is good.
- God can handle it if it's to be done
- I'm not the only person I know enjoying a free-floating life (that's a good reminder!)

Sorry I have nothing witty or inspiring to share today, I'm just going to post this and enjoy the fact that today's random quote hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial nose.

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