Monday, January 18, 2010

Quote discipline Day 6

Ideas are the beginning of all achievement.

Apparently this is a quote by Bruce Lee. Wasn't he the guy who did like two dozen kung fu films that were all pretty much identical? What can he possibly mean by a statement that seems to be promoting creative ideas?

Bruce Lee fans, speak up! Was he really actually brimming over with ideas?

My own experience is that achievement too easily drowns out ideas. Creativity is squashed by success, because success is too often accompanied by business.

I follow a number of blogs, and there are some people out there who don't stop having ideas, and sometimes it seems that the ideas flourish the more successful they become.

But there are others whose ideas are rare, because they have too little time to develop those ideas. But when the creative thoughts have an opportunity to emerge, they are a real gem. These ideas may or may not be the stuff that achievement is made of, but I choose the good ideas over the achievement.

And I sometimes dream of those days when I had nothing to do, no achievement to speak of whatsoever. Because I miss the ideas I had on those days.

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Eurico Vianna said...


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