Friday, January 22, 2010

sunsets, oh...

In a couple of recent posts I've mentioned how much I love the sunsets here in my little West Sumatran town of Lubuk Basung. Every evening I try to escape the office for at least a few minutes to walk down the highway and commune with God by experiencing a moment of the setting sun.

This is what it looked like today. I'd say today's specimen was not quite as perfect as it sometimes is, but still, it was not too shabby.

The reason I was incited to take a photo of this lovely view today was that, in the other direction, we had another special treat:

This photo doesn't start to do justice to the rainbow that arched right over us in full technicolour, from the bright yellow on the outside, all the way to the deep purple on the inside edge. Standing on the other side of the highway, we could see it pop out of the palm trees behind our hotel, swoop over us and the entire population of Lubuk Basung, and plunge back down behind the mountains and low-resting clouds in the distance.

There it is popping out from behind our hotel. As we watched and took pictures of this divine wonder, my two friends and I hopped across the highway, danced a little bit, laughed and posed. Something like that can truly wipe away all tears.

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