Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My apologies to my handful of faithful blog readers. I was just getting good at this again, and now I'm disappeared for a week.

For six months I never felt a temperature under 18 C / 60 F. Now there's snow on the ground.

For six months I did a doubletake every time I saw another white person, or an African, Arab, anything but Asian. Now I'm one of many.

For six months I was learning what it meant to be an aid worker. For one week I'm an academic again.

For six months work involved a lot of things: planning, excel, writing, excel, field visits and a bit more excel. Today I just spent an entire day sitting in a room listening and talking.

And yet, somehow it still feels reasonably normal. So strange this reality. I think I need to go to sleep.

Be back in a week.

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