Friday, February 5, 2010

Quote discipline Day 13

He who comes to a conclusion when the other side is unheard, may have been just in his conclusion, but yet has not been just in his conduct.

Which matters: What we do or the way in which we do it? End result or the path taken to arrive there? Motives or results? What does it mean if I think Bush's motives were pure, but disagree with his politics? If Kosovo is finally stable but only after Nato showered it and Serbia with bombs?

If I did well at work and produced some good assessments and some successful proposals and some quality documents, but hurt people in the process? Was I a success? What if I made good friends and had many encouraging conversations, but bombed my professional obligations? Then was I a success? Can I have been a both success in both scenarios? If so, then anything can be twisted to be justified. If not, ... ouch.

As a leader of people, if the direction is clear to you, should you take the direction, or first listen to the people you lead? On one hand, as the quote states, it is wrong not to listen. On the other hand, things can get messy if you listen and don't like what you hear.

If I dug into the deepness of my brain I might be able to think of a story to illustrate these questions which according to the quote have obvious answers, but I stand to disagree. It's about as clear as mud, but I don't have any stories to show why.

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