Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote discipline Day 14

There's not the least thing can be said or done, but people will talk and find fault.

Yeah, but is that a problem? I mean there's two sides to everything, and it drives me nuts when I'm not allowed to acknowledge the other side. I say, Bring It On!

I'm losing a bit of this edge, and I miss it. Maybe others will like me more for being less contrary, but I miss the edge. I miss the debates that can go on for hours finding fault with everything but never condemning: just looking for the other side. So I use here the quote's phrasing of "finding fault" but it's really to me just looking for an angle, a more thorough or different perspective. Finding fault: to do it you have to take it. And to take it you have to do it.

I remember my week in Boston a few years ago when I spent hours debating obscure things with a few dear friends. My friends up there were all kind of brainy and they loved talking and finding fault. It was such a breath of fresh air after living in the political ambiance of D.C. where faults are better off not found. Talk in D.C. was weighty - sure it happened, and fault was found, but there were consequences. The process couldn't be easily dismissed. In the more academic setting of Boston, talk and fault were more affordable, could be bought and sold and traded with more ease, and that made them much more enjoyable - a good thing.

Faults in D.C. are like a falafel sandwich in downtown London - they don't taste that great, are possibly but not necessarily a turnoff, and they cost a fortune. Faults in Boston are like a falafel sandwich at the Medina/University Dorms in Damascus - absolutely delicious and so cheap it's like you never bought it.

Anyway, my world today is neither Boston nor D.C. but a different alternate universe. It resembles D.C. a bit more than Boston, and so I'm losing my ability to talk and find fault. And as that happens I'm losing my ability to be talked about and have fault found. Oh dear.

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