Wednesday, March 24, 2010

already reminiscing about Indonesia

I'm sure this is only an initial list, but as I'm three weeks away from finishing my time in Indonesia, I was pondering today the things that I will miss - and not miss- about this place.

(some of the links are to past blogs, but other links are actually somewhat interesting.)

Things I will miss about Indonesia
Warm hard tropical rainstorms
Lovely people
Living 20 metres from my office
The architecture of the houses (ok, the link is a very poor example but I wanted to show off the transitional shelters we're building in our project. The houses that survived the earthquake are lovely, take my word for it.)
Very, very tall trees
The spirit of enthusiasm among my colleagues
The reggae band and karaoke nights
The amazing lemon juice from down the road and the two girls who make it.

Things I won't miss about Indonesia
Salted Fish
"Hello Mister"
Cold showers
The smell of salted fish
Rats in my ceiling
The supermarkets

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