Friday, March 19, 2010

interesting stats

You can take Kati out of Sociology of Religion but you can't take Sociology of religion out of Kati.

John Allen, author of The Future Church, gave a lecture on trends affecting the Catholic church at our organisation's headquarters last week. I missed the lecture, even though there was a remote-access option, but today took a look at his powerpoint. He quotes some utterly fascinating statistics!

This one really has me thinking:
Odds that two religious parents will raise a religious child: 47%
Odds that one religious parent will raise a religious child: 24%
Odds that two secular parents will raise a religious child: 3%
Conclusion: “In Britain, institutional religion now has a half-life of one generation.”
Source: David Voas, University of Manchester

But here are some other interesting tidbits:
  • The world's largest Catholic nation... Brazil (!!)
  • The least religious age bracket in America (defined as church-going)... 25-34
  • GDP of the poorest 42 nations is less than net worth of 3 richest people
  • The world's second largest producer of petrol... Russia
  • Even better, the world's third largest producer of petrol... Norway (seriously, Norway?!)
  • The location of Europe's largest mosque... Rome! (This was built with Saudi money and the Pope's blessing, which is an interesting contrast with the prohibition against practising Catholicism in Saudi. However, Qatar apparently has a huge and beautiful Catholic church, so other Gulf neighbours have a different view of things.)

And a nice quote from Pope Benedict XVI:
“Interreligious dialogue in the strict sense of the term is not possible without putting one’s own faith into parentheses, while intercultural dialogue that develops the cultural consequences of the religious option … is both possible and urgent.”from the preface to Why We Must Call Ourselves Christians by Marcello Pera, November 2008

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