Wednesday, March 10, 2010

peaceful and peaceless

Have you ever felt two completely contradictory emotions at once?

So sad but you can't help laughing - that amazing feeling you get when you're sobbing then someone tells a stupid joke and you burst out in a gooey snotty wet uncontrollable laugh.

So tired but you have an urge to dance - if nothing else maybe the exercise will finally knock out into a deep sleep.

So frustrated but you're full of smiles and giggles - the way I get whenever the topic of my stolen purse, i.e. my third robbery in three months, comes up in conversation these days.

So angry but somehow finding boundless opportunities for deep intimate bonding moments - perhaps it is the shared anger against a third party that brings us together.

So peaceful yet full of anxiety - the way I am now when I think about how much I love my job and the sunsets in this village, and then check my email and get no replies which reminds me of how uncertain my future is.

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