Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Robbed... again.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away then he gives then he takes away then he gives again and takes away again.

In November I was robbed, In December I was robbed again. I was promised insurance compensation but the company lost the claim. I replaced the items in faith it'd come through. In February the insurance company finally came through but with less than I'd hoped or expected. Then the next day they changed their minds and covered the full claim. Then I went to England and my brand new replacement items got robbed again.

Actually there's more to this cycle. One day I am in awe of how generous God has been to me and I feel rich. The next day, the only thing that keeps me from despair is remembering that yesterday's feeling of bounty may very well come back tomorrow.

Though financially it's horridly depressing, I'm actually glad I got robbed last week because it reminded me of all of this. And it happened in a wealth country generally considered "safe." It served as a prompt to trust God and it gave me confidence that my safety is in his hands and can't really be attributed to my geographical location.

For those who care to know, here's what happened:

I was at a restaurant in Central London with a friend. I asked to sit at a table far from the door because I was cold, but this meant we were right in the middle of a big room. I tucked my purse under my jacket on the seat next to me and sidled up next to it - I'm not a total ditz! We got into an impassioned discussion about her teaching job and ate fantastically marvelous food. At some point someone banged into the table but I didn't think anything of it until it was almost time to pay the bill. I reached my hand over for the comforting feeling of my purse but found nothing there. My friend was still talking but I panicked. Scrambled and looked under the chair, under the table, the other side of my jacket, but it wasn't there.

We went to the restaurant staff and they asked if there was any ID in it. I said, yes, my passport, credit cards, everything (after all, I was in transit internationally). They told me that they found it in the women's toilet. I had not been to the toilet all evening! When the brought it back to me the passport and credit cards were intact. But cash (including Indonesian - what could he do with that?!) and backup mobile and ipod and ereader were not. But oh the relief when I discovered my regular phone was in my jacket pocket.

The wait staff had seen the man from the table across from us go into the women's toilet before leaving, but had thought nothing of it at the time. Now we know what happened. At least he was thoughtful enough to leave me my passport. Seriously!


sojourner said...

Mitt got a notice from the makers of his minivan last week. I thought when we opened it we would find some kind of recall notice, given the news lately of other car makers. Instead we got a notice that the vehicle we own in the most likely to be stolen in Baltimore. They gave us suggestions of how to precautions so this does not happen. We live in America but sin is every where. Theft abounds in every nation. I have to ask if our response must be to pray for those who are stealing because they are either so poor they are in great need or they are in being destroyed by the evil one and need to know the resource of the Bread of Life.

Just my ponderings,

Gila said...

That is a crazy story! When I think of all the times that could have happened to me. I can't believe it. At least your passport and credit cards were okay. Those would have been a hassle to replace.

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