Thursday, March 18, 2010

there's always hope

The other night I was watching The Two Towers in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It's a breathtaking film, with heart-wrenching music, soul-soaring scenery, and the most against-all-odds battle ever fought. In the battle at Helm's Deep, an army of 300 that includes all boys old enough to hold a sword, defends their fortress, their country and the race of men, against an army of 10,000 ugly dudes with boundless energy (orcs). (Then again, everyone in LOTR has boundless energy, it seems - the film starts with the three heroes running non-stop for 4 days. Non-stop includes no eating and no sleeping.)

So, this is the context in which this scene took place:
there's always hope
I had to stop watching for a moment to think about that.

There was absolutely no hope, but Aragorn simply stated the basic truth that there is always hope. We don't know what that hope may be, and maybe we don't always have to know, but there's always hope.

I thought of times in my life when everything has gone wrong. When it felt like everything I touched turned into soot. When I began to wonder if I should just hide inside and never go out again because the moment I started interacting with people or even just turned on the car, some small volcano seemed to erupt. I could think of no good reason to keep actively living, except that it was just what I had to do. Odds were things would continue to go wrong, but they might go right.

And, as Aragorn reminds us all, there is always hope.

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