Thursday, May 20, 2010

Literally, a Picture of a moment

I'm sitting in the passenger seat of the dual cab pick-up. I'm being chauffeured to a meeting with some awesome middle-aged ladies who have big dreams for education in Haiti. We are stuck in traffic on the main road cutting through town; there's no way to avoid this back-up since our office is right off this road.

I was watching the various comings and goings around me, of which there were not few. An inconspicuous navy blue van passed by us, going in the other direction, and I was about to turn my attention to something more interesting when I saw a flash of colour. A man in bright yellow roller blades, yellow helmet, pink-and-yellow protective gear, and a bright blue bodysuit was holding on to the back of that van, whisking down the hill through the afternoon traffic, just like Michael J Fox's character in Back to the Future. But this guy was much more colourful. It was a Picture that few by me in a moment.

A few hours later, I was sharing the front seat of an SUV with a friend. We were headed to a lovely dinner out and other colleagues were crammed into the back seats and our vehicle was stuck in traffic at exactly the same spot. She observed: "I actually rather like being out and about in Port-au-Prince like this. There's always something interesting to look at out the window. "

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