Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my driver

I could tell you about the skull-and-bones tattoo on his arm. I could describe his well-educated French and his account of his past career as an 'entrepreneur.' Or I could tell you about how he goes to church ALL the time. I could explain how he told me that what I see is what I get, and how he graciously thanked me for my comprehension after stopping on the way to put air in the tires. I could mention his cautious diligence pulling out of the office driveway after he heard that there were demonstrations on the streets today. I could try to describe his intentional and responsible driving style that still somehow seemed to lead to several near-misses in the afternoon traffic.

But I think what I really want to remember about my driver today, a recent hire, thought I was paying him deep personal compliments as we drove home. I commented on how traffic was lighter this week than last and that we'd made good time, and he said, "Merci", as if I'd expressed my amazement at his capable maneuvering of local streets. Then a few moments later I spoke of how we have quite a few good drivers on staff, and he said "Merci", as if I'd told him he was the best driver I'd ever had. Then he asked me if I would be requesting him as my driver next time.

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