Friday, June 11, 2010

I miss you my blog!

I miss writing. This week I've been moving! I like moving, which is a good thing since I do so much of it. But I like writing more.

So before crawling into bed at this late late hour, I shall indulge in a brief description of my new surroundings.

We live a five minute drive uphill from the spot where you could say the city of Port au Prince ends; in fact, that spot is about a fifteen minute drive uphill from the official end of Port au Prince. And in fact, I suppose that would be about a half hour drive up-hill from the Port itself. So I feel right at home, just as if I were back in the mountains of Lebanon, where every house has a breathtaking sight of the city and the sea below.

The air is cool. I'm actually shivering a bit! But never fear, the bugs still abound. We have a saltwater swimming pool and a few acres of gardens. Considering the security rules which forbid me from walking outdoors at all, I love the fact I'm living in a compound where a few hundred metres lie between the gate and the parking lot, and few more hundred metres of pathways circle around the building.

The building itself is what we suppose to be an old mansion. The corridors are maze-like and the flats have been nestled into nooks throughout the edifice. This evening, I discovered that bats live in the bottom-level corridor. While I detest sharing my space with non-human living creatures, somehow the bats seem to add to the charm of this particular building. Of course, it helps that there is another pathway from my front door to the parking lot - if I actually had to walk past the bats, I doubt I'd be charmed at all.

Our flat is all decked out with little luxuries that stand in frighteningly stark contrast with the lifestyle of the millions of people below. People whose tents we can barely make out, as we gaze at the sunset from livingroom full of bay windows. This home truly is a haven. I thank God for it and find myself feeling obliged to think of ways to share the wealth.

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