Friday, June 18, 2010

pictures from days in the field

This week I accompanied the water, sanitation, and hygiene team on a rapid assessment of the needs in rural areas in the south of Haiti. And the needs are in fact huge! Really, it's not a question of figuring out what people need, it's a question of figuring out which need we will attack first.

Anyway, spending time in villages always gives some memorable pictures. True to form, I didn't get photos with a camera, but I jotted down the images that were most striking:

- A boy, about 8 years old, in nothing but tightey whiteys running through town chasing his pig on a leash

- A brother and sister walking up from the river swathed in dripping wet navy blue sheets. They were very very skinny.

- A family of seven people or so lounging on an old mattress-less bed in their backyard. This was right around lunchtime. No one seemed to be working and no one seemed to be eating.

- 6 schoolgirls in blue-and-green plaid skirts with white button-down tops, and several dozen white hair ribbons between them, swooping towards our car on bicycles.

- The very pregnant woman who, in response to our questions about the cleanliness of their water source, wanted me to take a picture of the rash on her son's arms.

- A 4 year old boy and a 5 year old girl who looked alike as they stood in the marketplace loitering while their mother joined in a focus group led by my team. I watched from the car as they imitated my every move. Wave-wave, smile-smile, talk on phone-pretend to talk on phone, cover eyes-cover eyes. Then when I got out of the car in my hunt for a photograph of communal latrines (yes I do take pictures when I really have to), they followed me and brought another half dozen kids with them.

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