Sunday, June 20, 2010

underdog - U.S.?

In my previous post, Kati's guide to choosing your underdog, I forgot to mention the United States. Is that enormity of a country an underdog? The team has never made it very far in international footballing competitions and has never been a favourite. So I guess it counts as an underdog.

My American friends are always encouraging me to cheer for the U.S., but I have a hard time doing so. Here are a few reasons why:
- I don't believe my American friends really care all that much. They like winning so want to win, but that's really all it comes down to.
- Being a large country, Americans are more likely to have local loyalties. They'll get more excited about their local soccer team, and probably even more excited if it's a high school or NCAA team.
- Americans like other sports better. American football, basketball and baseball. These are sports Americans embrace but which hold little emotional meaning to people in other countries. USA, do you really want to keep it all for yourself?

And here's my main reason:
- The U.S. is enormous and wealthy. If anyone is capable of producing a winning team, it's the U.S. Healthy diets for children, soccer camp, an infinite pool of bright eyed young men from which to choose a winning team. This puts them at an automatic advantage.

If the U.S. has never won, it just goes to prove that they just don't want it that much. Go Cameroon! Go Ghana! Go Cote d'Ivoire! Those guys know what it means to WANT it.

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