Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Woodstock in Haiti

When you hear the word "Woodstock", what do you think? Here's my list:
- tents
- music
- crowds
- activity
- drugs
- an incontrollable number of people
- rain
- festival

When you hear the word "Haiti", what do you think? Here's my list (trying to imagine 3 months ago before I'd actually set foot in this beautiful land):
- poor
- earthquake
- needs
- homeless
- survivors (moral as well as physical)
- Latin dance party
- Caribbean
- fun

So, pretty much, put these two imagines together in your mind, through in a ritzy golf course and an earthquake, mix in a bit of Hollywood drama provided by none other than Sean Penn, and you have the PetionVille Club Camp for Internally Displaced People. Music, bustling activity, thousands of tents, rolling hills, Brazilian soldiers and Chinese doctors, a movie star or two, constant construction, muddy hills in rain, 50,000 people... these are the sights and sounds that greet me as I pass the golf club clubhouse and head down the hill into the camp.

I honestly don't think photos would do it justice, nor could I think of a better way to describe it than Woodstock done Haiti-recovery style.

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