Wednesday, September 1, 2010

first impressions

If I don't record first impressions they're soon gone, so below lie a few initial thoughts from my arrival into Khartoum

- When I showed up at the gate, 15 minutes before boarding started, the desk attendant greeted me by name. I guess it was obvious since I was the only white person on the flight.

- In contrast, when the British flight attendant was handing out landing cards, she asked me if I was a Sue Danese citizen. (I know: Huh?)

- Women seem strong yet clueless. The women sitting behind me on the plane couldn't find their row without help, but they walked straight up to the customs officials and asked for priority treatment since they had children.

- The immigration guy who stamped me in thought that my middle name, Ann, was hilarious. He kept saying "Aahn!"

- When I came out of customs, I didn't see the driver who had come for me. So I wandered around aimlessly for a while. I only received one half-hearted offer of a taxi ride! What other capital city airport in a developing country doesn't have dozens of taxi hawkers flocking the exit of an airport?! In fact, hardly anyone talked to me at all, except for some men gesturing for me to take a seat next to women if I was tired of standing.

- In a similar yet even more impressive vein, when we arrived at the guest house the driver started to pick up my suitcase when he realised the handle was broken. I apologised and offered to carry it myself, and he very-readily accepted! Are people here really that direct, or was he desperate to eat since the fast had just ended a few minutes earlier?

And a new phase begins. Herein I add the tag "Sue dan" to my list of blog tags. Click there to read whatever adventures lie ahead. Well, once they've happened. Right now there's nothing there to read.

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