Monday, September 20, 2010

In which I become a movie star

A few days ago, I wrote about Arabic, and how all those years I spent learning Syrian dialect, while entertaining to my new friends here, have hardly prepared me for communicating in Dar.

Well, today I learned that some people might just think I'm a movie star! Oh, yeah.

So imagine that Hollywood was in London. In other words, that fabulous British accent that English speakers around the world drool over is the language spoken in all of the biggest cinema blockbusters: combine the beautiful accent with the silver screen.

This is how Darians apparently perceive Syrians! And some of them are convinced I really am Syrian - maybe I'll let them just think that.

A colleague had his engagement party today, so we attended festivities last night and mid-day today. At these events, I got to know his 19-year-old sister, a gorgeous skinny girl who herself was wed a few months back. According to the groom, she spends all day watching TV. To be specific, she watches Syrian soap operas.

So when I first spoke, she asked me, with a glimmer in her eye, "Are you Syrian or Lebanese?" Even though I told her neither, she introduced me to all her sisters and cousins as the Syrian girl. Like she'd discovered a hidden treasure. Her little brothers also threw me some awestruck glances, as if they were seeing television unfold in their very own courtyard!

Yup, I'm totally going to live this up.

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