Monday, September 27, 2010

Of people I know and of people I don't know

There's a lot of good stuff to say about life, so I prefer to say good stuff. But somehow, it seems like all of our sense of humour, all of the ironic beauty we find in life these days, relates to the bad stuff. Or involves personal commentary on a person I know.

Even the nice stories, even the tales of people who have impressed me, they are hard to tell without pulling out something critical.

The guards who work 12-hour shifts to keep us safe... they are always a source of happiness in my day. They joke, the say hi, and they make me feel sheltered. But still, they are guarding us.

The relationships between colleagues living here in the guest house... we peaked at 6, but half of us are going on leave and the other two might be moving out, leaving me alone. They're great people, but if I really want to talk about the guest house, especially if I want the story to be interesting or entertaining, I might have to throw in a personal jab at people I mostly respect.

The bugs... grasshoppers and little gnats who love my computer screen are my most populous neighbours these days. Much could be said about them, but I'd feel like I'm complaining.

The hedgehogs, those cute and adorable rodents... but they are rodents, nonetheless.

The training I attended today, which was surely an entertaining occasion... it too focused on a topic I'd rather not dwell on here if I'm focusing on the good.

I guess I could talk about our cooks, and the amusing misunderstandings I've had with them lately. Or the old guy who has come to my office everyday for the last week trying to fix my airconditioning. Apparently he's the only airconditioning guy in town. There are stories - good stories - to be told, and I do hope they come out.


Manda said...

Just wait for them... and they will come!

sarita f. said...

Looking forward to the good stories. I had to chuckle about the misunderstandings with the cooks. I asked my lovely cook in Nairobi to buy ground beef for my husband. She'd never heard of ground beef, but saw that on my spice rack I had ground cumin and ground cinnamon, so she bought me beef flavoring :) It wasn't until she saw that my husband purchased a package of "minced" beef that we made the connection.

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