Saturday, October 30, 2010

feeling helpless

This week some dear friends wrote the following in an email to me: "It seems that a feeling of helplessness makes one REALLY pray, and oh boy! do we feel helpless and know to

I love that. Isn't it so true? At the moments when we feel most lost and helpless, those are the moments when we are most inspired to reach out to God and ask him to take over. The beautiful thing is that we turn ourselves over to God, but we can also pray for others. Sometimes I think God, in his bigger more majestic view of the world than that of us people, wants us feeling a bit helpless because then we trust him. And really, he'll always do a better job at everything than a human could, any day of the week.

This has been a challenging weekend for me: lots of fun and happy moments, but a brutal and searing reminder of my helplessness.

If you weighed in on my "right" vs. "stupid" conundrum, I'll say that the lesson I've learned this week is that when something seems both "right" and "stupid" it very well mean that there is no right or even smart human answer - we're helpless, and maybe it really is time for God to take over. So I stand here today, declaring my commitment to ask for an act of God.

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Sarah said...

That is SO true! I think we're always pretty helpless, but when we see it and have to live in that, we pray and trust God more. Your week sounds very mixed - I know that can be so hard. Here's praying God does something wonderful for you this week!

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