Monday, October 25, 2010

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice may come to symbolise this season of waiting in my life... I sit here with a half-glass of watered-down juice in front of me. These days, as I await in the capital city to return to the field, I'm rarely very far away from a watered-down glass of grapefruit juice.

Grapefruit juice is bitter, oh-so-bitter! My Sue Dan ese colleagues and friends don't seem very interested in my grapefruit juice since they prefer things sweeter. Drinks and desserts here are very very sweet.

Since I've been in Sue Dan, I've been on a hunt for grapefruit juice and for tonic water. I couldn't find either at first, and then boxed grapefruit juice popped up in the bigger supermarkets. I guess a big shipment came in from somewhere. Tonic water is still elusive, and likely to stay so, since it's often mixed with alcohol and that's not allowed here. (I like plain tonic water with ice and lemon, just for the record. The one time I've accessed tonic water in the capital, it was at a party where the alcoholic drinks were the same price as the non-alcoholic. Since the price was paid, I couldn't resist adding a little sumthinsumthin to my tonic water.)

Grapefruits are currently in season and are sold on the side of the road throughout town. While I love drinking bitter things, I'm hesitant to eat bitter things so have watched in awe as my guest-house-roommate downs full grapefruits.

Since grapefruits are in season, fresh grapefruit juice is often on offer at local restaurants. But sometimes juice here is very watered down and intensely sweetened. I don't want to waste my grapefruit energies on bad juice, so I've avoided ordering it in restaurants.

In the guesthouse, we don't have a wide selection of drinks. There are juices in the fridge, but they're very sweet and some of them are strange flavours. Otherwise, it's coffee or maybe tea. Grapefruit juice just puts me at ease, it's a familiar taste.

I love oreos with grapefruit juice. Plain dark chocolate with grapefruit juice isn't bad either.

Yummy zingy grapefruit juice.

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