Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oof - growing into a manager

Today, as the day went by, I had at least three lovely blog ideas. Thoughts that I wanted to remember and that would be fun to write about.

An hour ago I sat down to write and couldn't remember any of my ideas. So I went to take a shower. In the shower, I thought of something else I wanted to remember, it was just a little snippet, but now I can't remember.

Ah ha! But as I wrote my OOF, I remembered.

The other day I dreamed that a member of my team was a baby. I had to take care of him and hold him in my arms. Caring for a baby was fun, that baby being a staff person was awkward.

That's it.

The life of a manager: caring for babies and a hyperactive brain that can't remember them. Uh oh.

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BlueLotusJoy said...

I forget blog ideas too. I come up with them all the time and then sit down to write them and run into problems.

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