Saturday, November 6, 2010

cat and mouse

I'm back in the field! I'm back in the village where life doesn't really stretch beyond the compound. Literally, I only went out once in the last two days, straight to the UN compound for a breathtaking sunset jog and back again.

(But upon my arrival, a member of my team was so kind as to invite me to his house for "fatour" - breakfast eaten punctually at 11:00 a.m. each day. I was late. Me and six of his brothers ate at 11:30. The poor guys looked like they were starving.)

The big adventure yesterday was a mouse that was shamelessly exploring the room of one of my guest-house-mates. She chased, she had the guard set a trap, she snoozed in my room while we waited for the trap to do its thing, she and the guard conquered. It was a humane little box of a trap, so the guard set the mouse free somewhere outside. And an hour later the mouse (a mouse? we don't really know it's the same dude) was running around again.

I hate mice. So I broached the subject of getting a cat.

The girls loved the idea. Tomorrow our guard has promised to procure us a cat.

So I tick off my biggest reservations in coming to work in this region:
- rodents and no cat. We're getting a cat.
- boss with an unsavoury reputation. Yesterday was his last day.
- nowhere to exercise. UN compound sunset jogs!
- middle of nowhere with no sense of a normal life.... oh, yeah, this is not likely to change anytime soon.

I'd love to draw some lovely deep analogy between our hopefully-new-cat and the mouse. But all I can think of is that, at the same time as the guard - a white-haired man always dressed in a white gown and carrying his security radio - stepped up to the plate and handled the mouse for my housemate... at that exact hour, my boss called me on the phone and took over resolving the painful situation I was in yesterday (see yesterday's blog).

But we're still getting a cat. There's some comfort in feeling I, not some older man, figured out how to take care of the mess...

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Lisa notes... said...

I love how you ticked off your biggest reservations. So, I'm glad you're getting a cat, a better boss, sunset jogs, and ...maybe having a sense of a "normal" life would be boring anyway. ;-) Praying it all works out for you.

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