Tuesday, November 30, 2010

heart is breaking

For some reason today, I have been very sad today - it's a rather holy type of sadness, though, a deep feeling, in recognition of the fallenness that surrounds us.

At work, I think I am finally beginning to understand some of the reasons for the suffering that has set this region on what sometimes seems like an irreversible road of decay. I hope I'm wrong about the irreversible part, though!

Meanwhile, I am saddened by the fact that most people around me somehow seem to be unhappy. Or perhaps its my own sense of sadness that is making me see sadness even where there is none?

But what truly set my heart off, and nearly but not quite brought me to tears, was this link I saw on twitter via a friend:
(only visit it if your heart can take a bit of sadness. It is sad.)

What saddens me most is my own heart: to realise that I am not as shocked as I should be by those photos.

But some of them shocked me, and so I'm sharing them here so I can put a face to a little bit of my sadness today:
According to the caption, this is the home of a drug lord, in the favela (slum) - where he most likely came from before he made a fortune off of the suffering of others. He chooses to live in the land of squalor, as the king. I almost would have rathered he'd escape to a richer neighbourhood, instead of allowing such tragic juxtaposition.

According to the caption, this is a cocaine stash house. According to the writing on the wall, the Portuguese reader amongst us will recognise this as a church.

Gang soldier aiming his machine gun beyond an average guy walking on the street - seemingly oblivious to the fighting, can this be for real?! - at his target. Again, the juxtaposition

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