Saturday, November 13, 2010

See? That's God

Living out in the desert has given me my fair share of time for introspection, for evaluating my life, relationships and priorities. I tend to do it anyway, but I've been considering things a bit more systematically than usual, I suppose.

It is now the beginning of winter, by local parlance. It's still air conditioning weather and I'd be wearing sun dresses if it were culturally appropriate - but the nights, at least, have grown chilly and crisp.

The stars are amazing. It's like there's absolutely nothing between me and them. During the last few evenings, I've been wandering around the compound as I brush my teeth or chomp on an apple, head turned up staring at the sky

Tonight all three female residents of the compound were out when city power shut down, as it is wont to do around midnight each day. There was about a 30-second lag until the generator came on, and we were in absolute blackness during those 30 seconds. Blackness except for the varied speckles of light in the black black sky. Little stars, big stars, the moon. The three of us stopped what we were doing, turned our heads upwards, and stared for 30 seconds.

And now, as I pray, I realise that what I really need... what all this introspection comes down to, may simply be the following: I just need to be held as I gaze at the stars and to be told: "See? That's God."


HisFireFly said...

Praying that He allows you to feel His very own arms holding you.. and hear Him whispering "See.. that's Me"

sarah said...

beautiful, katie :)

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