Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving blog

Facebook is great: for the last two days, friends have been posting updates of why they are thankful this year. I'm loving the reminder of thanksgiving, especially since I'm living in a part of the world where few people have ever heard of the holiday.

So... I shall now register my gratitude for

a loving and forgiving family that demonstrates the unconditional love of God
the cuteness of my nephew
skype so that I can see cute nephew
my duvet
the flexibility that I've been forced to learn due to all the unexpected turns in my life
friends who pray
friends on skype
friends who email
lovely colleagues and housemates everywhere I've lived for the last few years
little trinkets that make my room feel more like home
my mac
an ereader
ceiling fans and a desert breeze
a job I love and the feeling of satisfaction that comes at the end of most days
a body that is capable of jogging and yoga
hands to type
a job that comes with R&Rs
the lovely people who I get to visit on R&R
coffee shops, especially those with iced coffee and a view of the sea
people who believe in me
colleagues who inspire me
the fact that rodents have hardly bothered me since my arrival in the Dar
blogging, including Imperfect Prose community
the opportunity to have learned Arabic and found a job in which I speak Arabic every day
spending most of my life absolutely spoiled by good food to eat
my stomach of steel
sunsets and the cool fresh air of the morning
living in a place that doesn't get too cold

I suppose there's a lot more, but I think at least once a week, if not once a day, a moment of gratitude for the things listed above crosses my mind. May I stop to truly embrace those moments.

Especially, I thank those of you indirectly mentioned above: friends, family, colleagues, loved ones near and far, for in so many ways continuing to provide the substance of my life even though I hardly every see you. (M/D/P/K, please thank D for me, since he can't read yet. I love you all.)


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hey - I share your stomach of steel! I always say mine is lined in cast iron. ;) Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed visiting you again! I am sure with you on Coffee Shoppes! :) It's added to my list for next week! :)

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