Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feeling beauty

You know your heart is worn down when you can't feel glory in beauty.

When I landed in Beirut, one of the first things I saw was white houses on a green-brown hill set against a sky as blue as a blue sky can be. There was a fire burning and plumes of smoke wafted up the hill.

When I drove out of the airport, I saw billboards and mad Mercedes, but I also saw more blue sky, blue as can be, and dark and deep. The traditional architecture of the older houses quickly came into view, and I whizzed past historical neighbourhoods alternating with metal and glass modernity.

When I came out of the last tunnel I was face-to-face with the Mediterranean. I drove along the seafront for a while, through heavy traffic both vehicular and pedestrian, and then I parked and continued on foot.

When I walked on the corniche, I stared out at rock formations set in the blue-black sea, bright blue sky above and hazy mountains in the distance. I passed a flurry of Beirutis ranging from shorts-and-tanktop gear to full-Muslim-abaya cover. The flurry was speckled with plenty of other nationalities as well.

When I ordered my coffee at Starbucks, I took a sip and felt like I'd returned home. Then I sat in a comfy chair with a view of the sea, sipping and reading and enjoying the blueness all at once.

When I arrived at my destination in the mountains, I took a seat on a bench overlooking the city and the sea beyond. I wrote in my journal and felt the chill of early-winter air on my face. Then I went for a walk and allowed the breeze to refresh my soul.

And only as I neared the end of my walk did I start to feel my the restorative power of beauty, a small hint of the glory of the sea and the sky and the blue and the white and the mountains and the people and the wind. May the beauty grow and overtake my entire being.

Even though my internet access is limited so I don't know if I'll get to read many other Imperfect blogs today, I still decided to link in with Emily's Imperfect Prose community. I'm thinking of you all!


Sarah said...

Oh yes - I love your wish, how you speak it as a blessing and bless yourself with it. May it be true for you!

David N. said...

As always, jealous of your travels. I'll try to see it in my mind.

Mommy Emily said...

oh, how this makes me long for beirut, dear one. i'm there with you in spirit. i remember those green hills, those plumes of smoke, those starbucks coffees :) love you, beautiful one. (btw, this is the last imperfecct prose until the new year. merry christmas!)

Melissa Campbell said...

May the beauty grow and overtake my entire being --a wonderful prayer. I'm praying it now as I watch the world become drenched white all around under thick blankets of snow. I long for the blue of the sea. But today I will be content with white. I am glad I stopped by. Blessings on your journeys.

alittlebitograce said...

may you continue to be refreshed and restored by this beautiful respite(at least i'm hoping this is your down time).

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