Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeling Fear

I'm back in Starbucks across the street from the Sea. I just got cajoled into ordering a ridiculously overpriced Christmas drink: "toffee nut latte". It's nowhere near worth its price, but it does in fact taste Christmasy, somehow. And I suppose that's what one does on vacation - let oneself be cajoled into doing things we might not otherwise feel justified in doing. I often fear being taken advantage of, and fear is never good, so perhaps fighting the fear justifies my overpriced toffee nut latte.

Really, though, that's neither here nor there in the midst of the awe surrounding me. The last two days have seen the first major storm of the winter in Lebanon. The high mountains are now covered in snow. The low mountains where I'm staying were slippery with hail and frozen rain this morning. But I braved that fear to drive down to the city where things are just plain old wet.

And sit in the Starbucks across the street from the sea, which is as fear-inspiring a Biblical tales like Jonah and the Whale, or Paul's shipwreck on Cyprus - which was not far from here. The waves have already calmed down, but they're still spitting several metres into the air and showering the few leisure walkers on the corniche. I know they have calmed down because there's a stretch where the metal grating meant to protect pedestrians has been torn down by the sheer force of the water.

I think fear of the power of water is a healthy fear. It reminds us of the power of God. I want to be wise: for example, drive slowly on wet mountains and avoid swimming in the Mediterranean this week. I want to remember that God keeps me safe and has given me a warm bed and house and a car to drive so I don't get wet in the rain. And he's provided me with the luxury of access to Christmas drinks at Starbucks which make me feel like I'm in a theatre watching God's greatest show of waves yet.

On the horizon I see a brighter light. I think the storm is passing and peace is coming.

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