Saturday, January 8, 2011

moments should be shared

I'm back in the great Sue Dan... it's quite a week for this land and it's a privilege to be here. Although, as is often true during the most historic events, life around me seems - if anything - more normal than usual.

This afternoon I headed down the block to the supermarket. We were out of milk. But as I was very very sleepy, and not particularly pressed for time, I browsed the three aisles at a leisurely pace, wondering if any other "needs" would emerge. The cereal section caught my eye. I was taken by the variety of prices, ranging from expensive (USD$ 4 per box) to absurd (USD$ 15 per box). I started studying the boxes more closely, to see if any of the varieties available might possibly entice me enough to consider shelling out such cash.

Then I noticed the strangest thing. One type of cereal, a local variety, was repeated several times. I'm not saying a row was dedicated entirely to this brand of cornflakes, nor that there were a lot of them bunched together. The exact same variety of cornflakes popped up in between the kelloggs cornflakes and the off-brand cheerios. Then again in the health section next to the Special K. Though it contains no chocolate, it held two separate spots on the row mostly dedicated to chocolate cereals. I think it was displayed about ten times, each with its own price label neatly displayed on the rack! So so random.

And I know that you who are still reading this are probably not impressed. It's hard to picture what I tried to describe above without seeing it, and much much harder to see the irony or humour in it. So I was inclined not to blog it at all, but the thing is, this is how I share moments. I don't know who I'm sharing them with - sure, I know my family reads this and a few other facebook friends take a look.

But you know that feeling when you have an "aha!" moment, or a "that's so funny!" moment? You want to share it.

This last month, I've been privileged to be sharing moments with dear friends around the world. It was fabulous. But now I guess it's time to shut down the emotions once again, because maybe it's better not to have moments at all, than not to have anyone to share them with.

But for those moments I have, I thank you, my blog reader, for being my friend.


alittlebitograce said...

ok that is amusing. :)
i don't always connect where you are with what's going took me a moment to clue in. now that i remembered i will be lifting you up especially tomorrow. can you email me with specific things to keep in mind? it's alittlebitograce at hotmail. i'm mentoring a friend who will be heading there on an internship for several months if the country is stabilized.

Lisa notes... said...

I'm one of the bloggers out here who loves to read your "aha" moments because they are so different and interesting to me. You describe a world that I am so unfamiliar with. Keep 'em coming! :-)

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