Tuesday, February 8, 2011

stolen mirrors

Currently, only one of the residents of the guesthouse where I live has the right to drive company cars. We try not to depend too heavily on her good graces, but it's inevitable that she ends up doing her fair share of driving around. She's very gracious about the whole thing.

She also has a bit more of an active lifestyle than the rest of us, who are still wallowing around trying to figure out what to do with our lives. So one day last week, she went out in the morning while the rest of us stayed holed up in bed. She went to church. The rest of us slept. In our defense, things are very tough for us right now and a small level of social depression feels very appropriate.

She got home, we sat around and ate lunch and chatted and chilled. As the heat of the afternoon passed, she suggested a jog by the Nile, and us other three women of the house eagerly agreed. We threw on our best shoes (which in the case of one housemate is Tiva sandals because she has been tragically separated from her running shoes, just like I'm separated from my shampoo and duvet) and followed our driving mate out to the car.

As we piled in, she said something about mirrors. So I looked at the side mirror and saw that it was gone. "Did it fall off again?" They have a history of falling off. "They were stolen," she replied. Sure enough, I looked over to the driver's seat and saw that the mirror was gone from there too. "I've heard this happens. People sell mirrors for this car type in the market downtown... But in the middle of the afternoon, right outside our house?"

We agreed that at least no one would blame her since it was the afternoon right outside our house. It's not like she parked on the street at night, right? But now she must brave our narrow driveway every time she comes or goes. For, what will they take next... headlamps, bumper, break the window and go for the stereo that would sell for about 2 dollars in the market?

The next morning, when she fessed up to our admin manager, we learned that the nearest market is in fact right around the block from our guesthouse. We could have just bought her mirrors back the same day. Great.


Arnab Majumdar said...

I hope you got the mirrors. Based on that assumption, what I'd really like to know is... did you get the same ones that were stolen from the car? :)


Kati patrianoceu said...

A brilliant question. We did get new mirrors, and my guess is that in our office we feel like we're above buying things in the market, and procured new (re-stealable) ones. But you never know...

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