Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I'm not a huge celebrator of Valentines day. I'm not a hater or anything like that. It's just never been a big deal in my world. Life goes on.

Well, as the details of life would unfold, we scheduled a team workshop for this week, with me facilitating. My housemates reminded me that the first day of the workshop was Valentines Day and if I was going to make them sit in a room and think on the Holiday of Love, the least I could do was bring chocolate.

And so I did. And then one of them came up with the brilliant idea of starting the day with asking for a participant or two to share stories about a good Valentines Day memory. A few people did so over the course of the morning, and it served as a cheesy joke that kept us moving. Good thing I had chocolate to give to those brave souls who shared! And then there was chocolate for everyone.

I'd forgotten that V'day is a good excuse for chocolate.

But then it got better. The internationals on our team are currently 5 men and 4 women, split between two guesthouses. One guesthouse is in the same building as our office and home to 3 men, one of whom is our boss. So as us girls were leaving the office for home, we stopped by their guesthouse to drop off our used cups. Brilliantly, one of the girls said as we walked out, "So you guys are taking us out for dinner for Valentines Day tonight? Great. Pick us up at 8."

(By the way, all five of the men on our team are married with families back home.)

As we drove home we chatted about what us girls would do this evening. Since the next day is a holiday, we figured we should at least go out for dinner or something. When 8pm rolled around, I was finishing my shower after going to the gym and the next girl was heading into the shower. Two girls had not yet returned from playing tennis. (wow, we actually do life a pretty nice life here in exile!)

At 8:00 sharp, there was a knock on the door. It was the guys... all five of them, three from the other guesthouse and two from our guesthouse... asking us if we were ready to go? Well, it took us about half an hour to round up the girls and get us all ready to go, which come to think of it made it feel even more like a date. Even if it was five married guys treating four single girls.

We (the girls) chose a Syrian restaurant that had just opened this week (not the guys' first choice but they gallantly respected our preference). The restaurant made quite a few mistakes with our order, which was to be expected of a restaurant that has just opened up, and since we didn't have work the following day we weren't too, too bothered.

But to make it up to us, the restaurant provided tea and desert, on the house. The desert was fruit crepes with chocolate and strawberry sauce on top. So VALENTINESY. And then when the bill came, the guys wouldn't let us girls pay, and I realised this really was a Valentines to remember.

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alittlebitograce said...

that's both sweet and funny. :) (amusing in the guys taking you up on the request). i'm glad you had what sounds like a very fun experience.

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