Sunday, March 6, 2011

my fingers hurt...

...particularly my right index and middle fingers, to be specific. Those are the fingers that hit the h, y, n, m, j, u, k, i and comma on the keyboard. I'm not sure why those are the ones getting the most worn out, but they are.

This weekend, I was going to tell a great story about my first local wedding. Our neighbour got married and the wedding took place in a tent that was put up in the empty sandy lot right outside our house. The tent was complete with rugs, satiny walls and ceilings, air conditioning and... wait for it... wait for it... yes! Chandeliers!

But, alas, I have three reports to write this week. Three major reports requiring a lot of brain activity and pounding of fingers to keyboard. So, interesting stories on the blog are getting pushed down the priority list.

If I finish my reports quickly, though, great news! We have another wedding coming up this weekend so I can write a blog about my SECOND local wedding.

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happygirl said...

What a wonderful description!! Lawrence of Arabia, Scheherazade, images of luxury in the desert. Good luck with your reports and I'm looking forward to the story.

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