Friday, April 15, 2011

the surreal world in which I live

Today brought a few interesting moments.

As I was walking to church on the almost-deserted streets this morning, I passed some young guys. High school or so. As I walked by, one of them said, in Arabic, "You're old but even so, you're beautiful." Would he have said that if he knew I understood? If so, was it intended as a compliment or an insult?

This afternoon I decided to take advantage of the full amenities of my posh hotel. After a jog on the treadmill overlooking the Nile, I went to the spa where I got a go in the jacuzzi and then the steam room. The Filipino woman showed me my locker in the all-women's section and pointed to a little plastic packet. "Those are some underwears for you if you would like to use them?" Seriously? I asked her if I needed to use them and she said it was optional. But after she left I took a sneak peek. They looked like disposable jock straps. That's what rich women wear? Ick.

As I walked around town today I saw a bunch of police dressed in formal whites. I wondered if they were hosting some kind of dignitary or something. But by the end of my walk I realised that all police, even the one who monitors our hotel entrance, are dressed in whites. I'm guessing that that's what police do on Fridays here?


happygirl said...

Oh Kati, you are living the life. And, take the compliment. Please. I wish I could hear words like those. Beauty... Enjoy.

Joybird said...

Fascinating. And I guess you get to choose whether you want a compliment or an insult. I'm not sure how I'd react either.

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