Friday, May 27, 2011

more on the laundry man

A few weeks ago I blogged about the sweet older very-Egyptian man who runs a laundry shop a few blocks from my hotel.

I did laundry again this week, and was pleased that they recognised me and gave me a discount for being a repeat customer. I decided that with the discount I wouldn't trouble them with a receipt for reimbursement; I'd pay it myself. Three weeks of laundry for 10 bucks, not a huge sacrifice, right. Plus I wasn't convinced he had another work-of-art receipt tucked away in his agenda waiting for me.

So I just paid for my clean clothes and came back to my hotel room, put my clothes away and imbibed of the beautiful smell of freshly laundered fabric. He uses a nice fruity detergent.

Just now I was folding up my laundry bag, which I insist on using so he doesn't waste any more plastic than necessary on me, and I noticed some handwriting in Arabic on the bag:
The Foreign Woman's Bag


HopeUnbroken said...

lol! you could have been "tagged" something a lot worse, eh?

happygirl said...

Yep, that's you. And, kudos on using the laundry bag. I'm not much of an environmentalist, but I believe in saving money and reusing as much as possible. Be safe over there.

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