Friday, May 13, 2011

further defining stress

Someone recently sent me a forwarded email about stress. It included an illustration that went roughly as follows:

If you are given a cup to hold in your hand while standing up, will it be easier to hold if it is full or mostly empty? What if you are asked to hold it all day long, from morning until night? Will it matter anymore how full the cup is? After all, your back will be breaking and your hand trembling from holding a cup still all day!

And so goes stress. Even the most minor of stresses are brutal on the system if maintained for extended periods of time.

This resonated with me, because I look around and I see many people who are in much much much more difficult situations than me, and feel like an idiot for feeling so debilitated. I am finally recognising the lines of connection between the stress in my life and certain areas in which I seem to be slowing down or losing skill. But at the same time, these realisations seem utterly unjustified since I'm sitting on a very comfortable mattress in a fancy hotel room writing this, yaknow?

And yet, it's true. There is some stress that I have been carrying around with for years. Even though those are minor stresses, they've been around for a long time.

That's all. Just another morsel of thinking in writing.


Linda said...

Oh, I understand Kati. It's so funny. I never thought of myself as being worried or stresses - until I began to listen to my own words. Sure enough...I am a worrier. The Father is slowly teaching me to rest in Him - from the littlest of worries to the really big ones. It is a process.
Thanks so much for visiting!!

ana said...

Katy and Linda, comfortable to know I am not alone in my long way away from worriness to be in that Peace with doesn´t depend upon the circunstances...God bless us and inspire us to keep going in His way.

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