Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Egypt obituary

I thought of this blog title because I am leaving this country in 36 hours. Assuming flights aren't delayed, exactly 36 hours, as a matter of fact.

And it's time to look back on yet another four-month posting and think about what I will miss and what I won't. (I did this after my abrupt departure from Timor Leste... see here. Or here is what I wrote when leaving Indonesia... although I wasn't even leaving Indonesia yet!)

But in those blogs, I used the words 'reminiscing'. Why is it that today the word 'obituary' comes to mind?

Is it because the tents are still up and the revolutionaries are getting antsy? Is it because the elections have been postponed because no one is even remotely ready to think about who could run this place? Is it because we are all scared of something but we don't know what?

Or is it because I came to Egypt to help scale up an office, but the staff is now half what it was when I arrived, and there's a general sense of resignation floating around? Is it because I don't yet know whether I'll look back on this season as a time that I did anything, at all, to help anyone because all the projects we're supposed to be starting may or may not start?

And all of this adds up to a difficult list, but I'm going to try:

Things I will miss about Egypt:
  • Feeling completely justified about feeling exhausted at night and vegging in front of the TV
  • The Kempinski bed
  • Full-time access to a treadmill
  • Some absolutely lovely colleagues
  • Being able to lean out the window and see the Nile
  • Sunsets over the Nile
  • The feeling of possibilities (like going to the Sinai for a weekend!)
  • How cheap things are here
  • per diems

Things I won't miss about Egypt:
  • Customer service at the Kempinski
  • The humid heat
  • The fact that my world is 300 square metres big
  • Avoiding harassment whenever I walk on the street
  • Negotiating taxis, what I want to order at a restaurant, and just about everything else
  • The 100 soldiers between the hotel and the office (a 200 m walk) who stare at me every morning
  • The isolation of living in a hotel room
  • Other people coming in and cleaning my hotel room however they want (that is, rearranging things)
  • Office politics
  • sad news and intensity of emotions
  • feeling braindead
Dear Imperfect Prose friends, it's been so long! I hope I can read your blogs but I am getting ready for a big move again so we'll see if I pull it off. I've missed you and I share this with you with all the kindest of wishes


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a glamorous life you live! This is my first time here, I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels.

happygirl said...

I'm so glad to see the things you will miss about Egypt are almost as many as those you won't miss. I wouldn't miss the heat and humidity (I didn't know it was humid in Egypt) or armed soldiers everywhere I went. Egypt is certainly in a state of unrest. Stay safe my friend.

Linda said...

Praying for safe travels for you. I am overwhelmed when I read your posts. Your life is so full of adventure - with Him.

-t- said...

i know you know this, but still - - i feel i cannot let it go unsaid: no time in service to Him is wasted. you matter; all you do or do not do matters. you are a firestarter and a world changer, an amazing child of the Most High King... as a dear sister would say, you are a warrior princess :)
my prayers for safety & for the next 'leg' of your eternal adventures with Him.

Mommy Emily said...

Is it because we are all scared of something but we don't know what?

i love how you worded this kati. and i love the heart you put into a place, and the honor you give it, in spite of its downfalls. blessings, sister. xo

Anna said...

I like how you process your thoughts into your list above... as you leave and go through a transition to something else, it will be helpful to refer back to and remember. Blessings on your next phase!

Shanda said...

I love this. Every time I leave a place, I make a list of all the things I will miss. Actually I write a list a few months after and find there are even more things to add! What wonderful experiences to live in different countries.

HopeUnbroken said...

thoughts and many prayers as you make the move! in my mind, the negatives look pretty strong, but i know how a place can get in your blood, and i'm sure the things you miss will run strong through for a while. hopeful toward the next chapter, though. . .

Courtney said...

Visiting for the first time from Imperfect Prose. Wow - what an adventure. Such a long way from my little world, and I thank you for sharing. Travel safe.

starla said...

BE safe ..and blessed in your move!!
Thanks for stoppin by over @

Jen said...

What a brilliant life...out of the box. Traveling across the world. A chance to touch a people through more than a television screen...but to be there, breath the air, grab pictures in your mind of who they are...the soul of there beings. No matter where you go or what you do. Those photos...those memories are captures in time.... What a gift.

~ Jen

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that one !
what I am sure of that Egypt will miss you :)
Dina Hamdi

Dina Hamdi said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that one !
what I am sure of that Egypt will miss you :)

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