Monday, July 25, 2011

everything is changing! Please comment.

So I owe a heartfelt thanks to the many of you who read and commented here in the last few weeks as I've processed my pre-move. Your words have encouraged me tremendously. I suppose after sharing my angst of the last few weeks, I'm probably owing you an update, something along the lines of 'first discoveries upon moving to London' or something like that. But it would be a pretty boring post, as the last three days have been doing little other than sleeping and catching up with old friends. I'm sure I'll have a bloggable reaction to London soon and then I'll be happy to share it.

But today, I wanted to ask your opinion, your help. Today's post is about asking for your advice. I know I don't have millions of readers, but I am sure some of you are reading this on your RSS feed, happily lurking and never commenting. I know who you are... well, some of you... and will be sad if you don't comment today. Please, today, I'd really really like your comment if you would... (picture me right now with a puppy-faced tear dropping from one eye as I write this in the faint hope that I still have at least one or two friends who will take the 2 minutes to comment on my blog)

Now that I've ended my Egypt assignment, I feel like I've crossed into a new phase of life. OK, I don't really feel like that, but I feel like I should feel like that. A lot about my life is going to change in the coming months, although I don't really know what or how.

What I do know is that it's time to start being a bit more intentional about blogging. Right now, I write whatever I write here and give it little to no strategic thought.

But as a part of my new life, it is now time to revamp the blog. Or start a new blog. Or replace this blog. Or all of the above. I want my blog to be a bit more focused, to fill a niche. Maybe I'll keep this blog as-is and add on another topical blog. Maybe I'll switch over entirely.

I need your wisdom here... What do you want to hear from me? What would make this blog interesting and relevant to your world? What bloggy niche do you think I might fill? Are there any features my blog should include? And if you come up with a title for that niche and I choose it, I'll probably owe you a prize.



Mom said...

I would like to hear your take on Christian spirituality in the UK. How is it unique? How does it differ from spirituality in Egypt? Elsewhere in the Middle East? Brazil? How has centuries of a Christian presence in society made it different?

LKBrazil said...

Hi Katie,

How about observations on the many different cultures you encounter. That would be interesting for London, and also be extendable to other locations if the occasion arises.

HopeUnbroken said...

Hi, Kati!
i think the first two suggestions are great ideas. i think you're going to find your niche not too different, even though the culture might be way different from where you've been. still plenty of material, plenty of contrasts, plenty of unique situations to write about. maybe give it time? give yourself time? i love your style, your perspective, love how situations simply seem to find YOU :-) you may find it needs to evolve, rather than knowing right away what things are going to look like here. and i think that's okay.
there. solved everything, right??? probably not specific enough, but i guess i'm one for waiting a bit and seeing where your heart leads you in this new endeavor. and you may not be able to discern that yet. whatever you decide, i'm sure you'll do it well, and your readers will remain happy.
and i don't see a need to change the blog name or start a new one. unless i'm missing something?
blessings on your day!

Sondra Williams said...

Hi Katie, well I have to say I read your blog to keep up with YOU mostly---so as long as you keep sharing what you're up to, and what your thoughts and plans are, I will keep reading! It is great to be able to keep up with you, even if I only see you in person every few years. But I think that doesn't really answer your question.....I'd love to continue to hear more about some of the conversations we had in Egypt---regarding Christianity and missions, particularly in a Middle East context, and what you are seeing/experiencing among Christians of "our generation" where you are.

happygirl said...

I love the way you write about the situations you find yourself in or observing. I think back to your encounter with the woman visiting her sick husband and the encounter with the man in the rain. You tell a wonderful story. :)

Lisa notes... said...

I love to read what you write because it's from a fresh cultural perspective. Your stories of encounters with others or just with life in different places is very unique. I'd suggest just keep doing what you're doing! You have a gift for words and storytelling.

marktristan said...

We've been watching Syrian School on BBC4 (have you see it?) and it has really got us thinking about stuff you have been involved with for years.

I think London is the *ideal* place for you to be commenting on not a specific culture but on what happens when you put a load of cultures together and don't impose on strong societal norms.

I would take an even more avid (and yes, non-lurking:) interest in your blog sharing commentary on all that… Is multicultural society a melting pot any more or a scene of increased struggle? Perhaps many of your readers live in multicultural cities throughout the west (and east?) and would respond greatly to your thoughts and encounters.

(p.s. Even so, I could happily still read about you making Pot Noodle…Sorry I don't comment more often :)

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