Tuesday, July 19, 2011

software recommendation for you writers out there

So, this week I switched my RSS feeds over to Google Reader. I should have done this ages ago, but better late to the game than never joining at all, right? I was inspired to do this because I plan on joining the Android revolution within the next few weeks (the conclusion of my iphone-induced panic moment last week), so making myself google-friendly may make my life easier. It also may mean Google has the capacity to steal my soul, but I'm just not going to think about that for now.

One by one, I took the feed addresses from my AppleMail reader and typed them in to Google. Each of the blogs and news feeds that I read popped up in perfect user-friendly order. I was so impressed!

This is actually NOT a blog about Google Reader, so I'd better get to the point.

There is a blog that I had signed up for several months ago, but AppleMail had never syncked it properly so I hadn't actually read it. Google opened it just fine, though, so I was finally able to read this Brasilian author's blog.

For your Portuguese-speakers out there, this was what Google Reader produced for me:

For you non-Portuguese speakers, in summary, this blog gave the most glowing review ever to a certain application, aptly named "OmmWriter" (as a casual yogini, I totally get the concept of using a one-syllable humming word to centre my thoughts). She said that as a writer easily prone to distraction, this programme does 50% of the work for her. That's quite a claim.

Well, after reading a raving review like that, I just had to check it out. As it turns out, the timing was pretty good, because I've been working on writing a report all week. And, you know what? It is amazing, with potential to revolutionise my life as a writer. Except for the music - I prefer my own.

In short, what OmmWriter does is white out your entire computer screen so you have nothing but a plain-text writer visible on your computer. This sounds a bit cliché, but Ommwriter does it so artfully and tactfully that it totally works. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the report this week, and time just breezed by because I was all into the writing and forgot to wonder if anyone had emailed me.

If you are any shape or form of a writer, and have any inclination whatsoever to distraction, you should totally check it out. (Oh yes, and it is free.)

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